Hashtag Pop is a Brazilian website launched in 2014 as a result of internet’s diffusion and the need of fresh media outlets about pop culture that speaks to newer generations. In 2019, after 4 years providing activities exclusively to pop music, Hashtag Pop media outlet has been rebranded in order to publish about entertainment in general; specially about Brazilian artists, but also up to global stars and cultural products.

Our media outlet is composed by six young and independent journalists specialized in different types of content creation. Our prime products are social media content, hard news writing, opinative articles, influence marketing, branding, filmmaking, graphic and motion desiging.

Official contact channels:
General & Marketing
[email protected]

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CEO & Public Relations:

Yuri Ronaldo
[email protected]


João Pedro Freitas
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Yan Gabriel Oliveira

Larissa Queiroz

Igor Cartiê

Maíra Amaral

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